Bali bio basmati reis parboiled 5kg

Nutritional value per 100 g uncooked

Energy in kJ 1497
Energy in kcal 353
Fat (g) 0,9
of which saturated (g) 0,4
Carbohydrates (g) 76
Sugar (g) <0,5
Protein 8,9
Salt (g) 0,01

bali organic basmati rice parboiled 5 kg

Everyone loves organic - So do we

Due to the great growth in popularity in the organic sector, quite a few restaurateurs and other users have already set out to adapt their offer to the changing needs of their customers with the help of organic products, because organic is more popular than ever before and is gaining more and more popularity, especially with regard to sustainability.

Now we are also part of this trend with some of our top products and offer the beloved Basmati rice in organic quality. Its unique aroma and top quality combine to create an unmistakable taste that goes down well with everyone.

Trend themes and concept ideas in brief

- Ideal for current food trends - organic - vegan - gluten-free

- Optimal complement to vegan and vegetarian dishes

- With its long shelf life, also ideally suited for deliveries and public out-of-home catering

The organic rice comes from controlled organic farming.

Our control no. is: DE-HB-001-6346-BCD

By the way: further information is available here:

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The basis for this premium quality lies in the selection of the right origin. 100% organic basmati rice parboiled.

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There are no declarable ingredients in this product.

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Genetic engineering

Good to know: the product is free of genetically modified plants.

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Preparation / cooking time

Rinse the rice carefully in a sieve with cold water before cooking. Bring 2 - 2.5 parts water and a little salt to the boil. Add 1 part unwashed rice. Cook the rice for about 16 minutes on a low flame.

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Combi steamer

The product can be prepared in the combi-steamer. For the optimum cooking time, please refer to the preparation recommendations of the manufacturer.

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Storage conditions

In original packaging, cool and dry, protected from light at max. 20 °C and max. 65 % relative humidity, not together with odour- and taste-intensive substances.

Article information

Container size 5 kg
Item number 59408
GTIN Order unit 4 004730 594088
GTIN single pack


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