Buero Weser Rickmers

A short journey through a long history

  • Rickmer Clasen Rickmers was born on 06 Jan 1807 on Helgoland / Germany. After school, he learned the craft of ship carpentry. The start of a passion for shipping.

    1807 The Start
  • Rickmers Clasen Rickmers and his wife Etha (née Reimers) moved from the island of Helgoland to start a new life in Bremerhaven.

  • The purchase of a plot of land cleared the way for independence, the founding of the company, so to speak.

    1834 Foundation
  • R. C. Rickmers already employs 100 workers. The number of orders, including from abroad, rose steadily.

  • After to numerous trips to the Far East, Rickmers became more and more involved in trips to East Asia. Rice imports from Burma and Thailand proved to be good business. R. C. Rickmers purchased and transported the rice on his own account and sold it in Europe.

    1870 Sense of opportunity
  • To guarantee rice sales in Germany, R. C. Rickmers acquired a stake in Bremer Reismühle Ichon & Co. in 1872.

    1872 Merger
  • Takeover of the entire operation. His eldest son, Andreas, became managing director of Rickmers Reismühle

  • After the death of Rickmer Clasen Rickmers on 27 November in Geestemünde, his three sons Andreas, Peter and Willi took over the company.

    1886 Significant adjustments
  • Foundation of a public limited company, called "Rickmers Reismühlen, Rhederei und Schiffbau A.G." with capital of 13,000,000 Marks.

    1889 Foundation of the AG
  • On 03 January 1901, the nine German rice mills merged to form Reis- und Handels-Aktien-Gesellschaft with its registered office in Bremen.

  • Even the two world wars could not stop the successful development of Rickmers Reismühle.

    1914 | 1945
  • Resumption of business

    1950 Development
  • The companies that had been re-established became the property of KELLOGG (Deutschland) GmbH.

  • Rickmers Reismühle GmbH has been independent again since 1988 and operates under the familiar name of Rickmers Reismühle GmbH.

  • The administration of Rickmers Reismühle GmbH moved into the new office building directly next to the production.

    2002 Bremen
  • Commissioning of a new production line for convenience products