Reisquellmehl Q 7510

Pre-Gelatinized Rice Flour Q7510

Rickmers pre-gelatinised rice flour Q 7510 is a swelling flour of consistently high quality produced from long grain rice using a carefully controlled extrusion process. The thermo-plastic treatment causes changes in the starch structure, which lead to special properties.

When added to cake recipes, Q 7510 rice pre-gelatinised rice flour improves water absorption and binding in doughs and thus freshness. It has been shown that this favourable effect has a particularly pronounced moist mouth feeling in comparison to swelling flours from other types of grain.

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Advantages nutrition

  • Free of cholesterol and lactose, low in purine
  • Vegetarian, vegan
  • GMO-free
  • Easily digestible
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Advantages technical

  • Can bind water even when cold
  • Prevents loss of liquid
  • Swells in a cold state and forms a moderate viscosity
  • Can improve the shelf life of sponge cakes

The product is often used in the following areas

  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Prepared meals, components and fillings
  • Meat and fish processing
  • Spice mixes
  • Ready-to-eat cakes and muffins
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